What Do You Say At 7pm?

Can we say good evening at 11pm?

Good Evening is a GREETING.

Even if it is 10 PM, when you greet someone you greet them with “good evening” and when you leave you say “good night”..

What greeting do you use at night?

Good evening”Good evening” would be the more normal night-time greeting.

What should I text her in the evening?

11 Best Good Night Texts For HerI know that it’s tough for you to fall asleep without me. … I miss our conversations until the morning, the night is empty without you. … My hectic day is over. … Let me wish you a good night. … I miss you with every passing second. … My dreams are incomplete without you in them.More items…

How is your day messages for her?

Good Day Messages for HerMy dear, Every sun rise gives us a new hope in life, … The breeze on your face, The sun brightens the sky, … My lovely, Open your eyes and feel the air, … New day means new desire, … Morning is like a blank page, … My love I am missing you more today, … Good day my love, as I think of you, … I so wish you have a good day,More items…

How do you greet at 7pm?

7 Answers. Both “Good afternoon” and “Good evening” are perfectly appropriate greetings at 6pm. Pick one, and don’t overanalyze it. If you say “Good evening” at 4pm, or “Good afternoon” at 8pm, you might get funny looks, but near the boundary, either is fine.

How do you wish someone a nice evening?

Wishing you a very wonderful evening! Look at the sunset and then smile, Look at the horizon and smile, Enjoy this beautiful evening today, And have a nice time, Good evening to you! I hope you are having a refreshing evening as I am having here thinking of you. Good evening, my love.

Can I say good evening at 11pm?

good evening continues till one is parting company before 12 midnight. good afternoon and good evening often overlap an hour or two before sunset. good morning is certainly after sunrise. some do prefer good day or have a good day but never, never say have a good night.

How do you greet at 11pm?

‘Good afternoon’ and ‘good evening’ are both very formal, you wouldn’t really use them with friends or family. If you’re working in customer service and speaking to a customer, however, you could use them to sound polite. You would most likely say, ‘Hello ma’am/sir, how may I help you this afternoon/evening?’

What is good evening time?

Good Morning / Good Afternoon / Good Evening For example, “Good morning” is generally used from 5:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. whereas “Good afternoon” is appropriate for a period from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. “Good evening” is often used after 6 p.m. or when the sun goes down.

What can I say instead of good evening?

What is another word for good evening?farewellgoodbyehasta la vistaall the besthaere ragood daygood nightbe seeing yougood afternoonmind how you go36 more rows

How do you wish after 7pm?

For me I would say good evening at around 7pm, but some people use ‘Evening’ to define after 5pm. ‘Evening is the period of time near the end of the day, usually from 5.00pm to nighttime.

What do you say in evening?

Well I’ll be going. It was a great night. It was a lovely evening….Hi, pleasing eve.Mesmerizing evening for you.This evening is as adorable as you,hi.Hey delightful evening.Zestful (energetic/exciting) evening.Lots of love for this sweet evening.