Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Ruined?

What is the opposite word of ruin?

destroyed, ruined(adj) destroyed physically or morally.

Antonyms: saved, preserved, successful..

What does ruining mean?

Word forms: ruins, ruining, ruined. 1. transitive verb. To ruin something means to severely harm, damage, or spoil it. My wife was ruining her health through worry.

How do you say mistake in a nice way?

Nice ways to say you’re wrong in EnglishNice words for mistakes and problems.Always use modifiers to make things seem less or smaller.Examples.Avoid saying “you” to the person who made the mistake.Make positive suggestions instead of directly pointing out the mistake.

Is a mistake an accident?

A mistake is something that happens due to your action,thoughts process or perception. Accident happens when something goes wrong and you had no control over it or were careless. However a mistake can also make a accident happen .

What does omission mean?

something neglected, left out, or left1 : something neglected, left out, or left undone. 2 : the act, fact, or state of leaving something out or failing to do something especially that is required by duty, procedure, or law liable for a criminal act or omission.

Whats the opposite of a mistake?

Opposite of an act or judgment that is misguided or wrong. astuteness. discernment. insight. judiciousness.

What is the opposite of a regret?

I would say the opposite of ‘biggest regret’ is ‘greatest satisfaction’. Regret is what is felt if one is dissatisfied with an outcome. Satisfaction is the feeling of achievement, of success.

What does ravaged mean?

ravage, devastate, waste, sack, pillage, despoil mean to lay waste by plundering or destroying. ravage implies violent often cumulative depredation and destruction. a hurricane ravaged the coast devastate implies the complete ruin and desolation of a wide area.

What does it mean to ruin your life?

1 destroyed or decayed building or town. 2 the state or condition of being destroyed or decayed. 3 loss of wealth, position, etc., or something that causes such loss; downfall. 4 something that is severely damaged. his life was a ruin.

Which word can mean the opposite of ruined?

What is the opposite of ruined?intactmendedpreservedprosperousprotectedrepairedrestoredrichsavedsober6 more rows

What’s another word for ruined?

What is another word for ruined?abolishedannihilatedsmashedsubvertedtotaledwreckedtorn downshattereddevastatedwasted24 more rows

What do you call a person who ruins everything?

So someone who spoils or wrecks the fun or sport of others is a spoilsport. Calling someone a spoilsport, though, is often just a way to pressure them to do something everyone knows is wrong.

How do you spell ruin?

nouna fallen, wrecked, or decayed condition: The building fell to ruin.the downfall, decay, or destruction of anything.the complete loss of health, means, position, hope, or the like.something that causes a downfall or destruction; blight: Alcohol was his ruin.the downfall of a person; undoing: the ruin of Oedipus.More items…

What’s the meaning of ruined?

Something that’s ruined is spoiled, wrecked, or destroyed. A ruined party can result from your obnoxious brother annoying all the friends you invited. Ruined means destroyed or useless.