Quick Answer: Is Hugh A Common Name?

Hugh Origin and Meaning Patrician to the core, Hugh was firmly in the Top 100 until 1903.

Now it’s used very quietly, though the name is still in the Top 1000..

Is Meredith a common name?

Meredith is a Welsh given name, and a surname common in parts of Wales. It is of Welsh origin and, as a personal name, was until recently usually given to boys. Meredith has many derivatives which have become personal names and surnames as well.

Is Jayla a common name?

Add one more to la-la land: Jayla, a less common name that’s just as pretty. It hit the naming charts in the mid-1990s, reaching its high point just after the turn of the century. It is most likely influenced by the popular “Jay” prefix that has resulted in Jayden, Jaycie, Jayda and other similar-sounding names.

How many people have the name Hugh?

99,902 peopleThere are 99,902 people in the U.S. with the first name Hugh. Statistically the 560th most popular first name. More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Hugh are male.

Is Hugo a posh name?

Don’t bother with the other names, if you like Hugo, have Hugo! It is posh. … Great name. (do you like somewhere where the “h” might get dropped?)

Is Digby a posh name?

Digby is a very rare boys’ name that was transferred from an Old Norse surname. It translates to “ditch” plus “settlement.” The name is so rare in the U.S. that the last time more than four males born were named Digby was in 2009. If you name your little guy Digby, you can be sure that everyone will remember his name.

What is Shug short for?

Shug is actually an old Scottish nickname, and is mostly commonly used as a nickname for those named Hugh. The Scottish vernacular doesn’t take easily to various pronunciations of foreign names, so anglicised variations help, and ‘Shug’ has become a term of endearment.

Is Hugh a Welsh name?

Huw is a Welsh given name, a variant of Hugo or Hugh.

What is Hugh a nickname for?

Hugh is the English-language variant of the masculine given name Hugues, itself the Old French variant of Hugo, a short form of Continental Germanic given names beginning in the element hug- “mind, spirit” (Old English hyġe)….Hugh (given name)OriginNickname(s)Huey, HughieRelated namesHugues, Hugo, Huig, Hauke, Huw, Ugo7 more rows

What is the poshest name?

Top posh names for girls include Figgy, Gethsemane, Queenie, and Debonaire….Top posh boys’ names:Aubyn.Barclay.Euripides.Fenston.Hickman.Mao.Npeter (the “N” is silent)Ormerod.More items…•

What are some posh names?

Posh Baby NamesAlgernon.Allegra.Anoushka.Antonia.Arabella.Araminta.Archibald.Artemis.More items…•

What does the name Hugh?

The name Hugh means Bright In Mind And Spirit and is of German origin. Hugh is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys. Hugh Grant, actor.