Question: Is A 1.50 KD Good?

Is a 0.5 KD good?

5 kd is probably around bottom 10-15 percentile.

Rather than doing any math behind the numbers, and average player should be someone with a k/d of 1, you die as much as you kill, which is a reasonable measure..

Is a 1.66 KD good?

So from that perspective, anything above 1.00 is above average and ‘good’. As far as I am aware, 1.00 is generally considered the average, since it is the natural balance of an equal kill to death ratio. So from that perspective, anything above 1.00 is above average and ‘good’.

Does KD matter in GTA?

GTA 5 is a game where KD doesn’t matter at all. Some people see it as a status symbol though. They think a high KD means you are good at the game. … KD in GTA 5 Online is extremely broken just because you can abuse so many nasty tactics to level your KD.

Is 3 KD good in PUBG?

Now that there is a new K/D system, 2–3 kd is average but if you rank pushing or hot dropping then 1.8–4.5 and over is decent because while rank pushing or hot dropping you can’t be as consistent.

What is a good KD ratio in cod?

1.5A good K/D ratio in Modern Warfare is considered to be 1.5 or thereabout. Or 1.5 kills to every death. Newbies will definitely get killed more often than kill, as will most players. This is why 1.5 is considered a good ratio, which can be 12 kills and 8 deaths, for example.

Is a 1.00 KD good?

80-1.00 is average and anything about 1.00 is good. If you at least have a 1.00 KD it means you’re killing more than you’re dying. I personally like being in the 1.50-2.00 range. But that’s just me.

Is 0.9 A good KD?

Meaning 0.9-1.0 is average. Below 0.9 is bad. 1.0-1.5 is good, 1.5-2.0 is good, 2.0-2.5 is beastly, and above 2.5 you can carry a terrible team single-handedly.

What does K D mean in GTA?

Kill DeathKD = Kill Death or Kill Death Ratio. It does not matter in this game but in other games (like FPS) it would mean how good you are at killing other players and staying alive. 2 kills/ 1 death = 2.00 KDR.

Is 0.75 A good KD?

anything higher than 1 is good. if you have kd lower than 0.75 just uninstall.

What is a bad KD?

it varies depending on the person. Personally: 0.99 or lower – Bad. 1.00 – 1.99 – Good. 2.00 – 2.99 – Excellent.

What is a good KD in GTA?

For example 1.0 is average, 2.0 is really good, and so on. I’m at 5.7 and it’s honestly because once someone attacks me I won’t stop killing them. Over and over until they quit. K/D isn’t a reflection of skill – it’s just your troll level.