Does Batman Fear Joker?

What is the Joker’s weakness?

Joker’s weakness is his pride and need to be in the spotlight.

True that Batman is the one audience member he can always count on, but the show is not just for him.

Joker plans his heists and jokes with the intention of everyone in Gotham (and hopefully the world) will see it and know that Joker did this..

What is Batman’s kryptonite?

Batman’s Kryptonite is the fact that he is human with human physical limitations. Batman has no super powers so he relies on power suits, powerful weapons that can stun powerful meta-humans, and tactics. Batman’s defense for being human is making plans to beat meta humans.

Is Joker older than Batman?

Joker is pretty much always older. … In 2008 movie, Batman was around 25 or 30, while Joker was between 30 and 35. In the 2016 movie, they were probably the same age. In the 2019 movie, Joker is between 35 and 40, while Batman is between 10 and 14.

Who is Batman’s biggest enemy?

The Best Batman VillainsJoker. To no one’s surprise, The Joker is the best of Batman’s villains.Catwoman. Selina Kyle has been with Batman since the beginning. … Bane. You’d think the man who broke the Bat (at least his spine) would be higher on this list. … Ra’s al Ghul. … Riddler. … Scarecrow. … Talia al Ghul. … Court of Owls. … More items…•

Is Batman scared of Joker?

I believe Batman is scared of both the Joker and his idea of disorder, chaos and how one bad day can turn anyone in to a monster because Batman knows it is true. Batman could be said to be a monster he strikes fear into criminals in his bat suit just as the Joker’s pale face strikes fear into criminals.

What is Batman’s weakness?

No Killing RuleSo, you want a civilian operating outside the law going around, killing people as he please without Justice just because he wear a costume. Batman’s greatest weakness in DC History may be his one rule: no killing.

Is Batman still scared of bats?

In Batman Begins, Bruce falls into a pit full of bats when he is young and that starts his fear of bats. After Ra’s Al Ghul trains him to overcome this fear, he decides to become Batman so he can invoke the fear of bats he once had into the criminals of Gotham.

What is the Joker’s greatest fear?

“Apparently, the thing he fears the most is that he is not taken seriously nor feared. That he is seen as a common clown. ” That’s how I’ve been seeing Joker for quite awhile now. He is afraid of people not being afraid of him, because that empowers him. He feels humiliation being seen as just a clown or a freak.

Why is everyone scared of the Joker?

So everyone is telling you about how the Joker is scary because he’s willing to murder and and torture and all of that stuff. … But there is an underlying truth about the Joker’s personality that makes him truly terrifying. He’s unknowable. The way he thinks is NOT like a regular person.

What is Batman’s greatest failure?

10 Biggest Failures In Batman’s Life, Ranked1 Letting His Demons Run His Life.2 The Death Of His Parents. … 3 The Death Of Jason Todd. … 4 Not Saving Alfred. … 5 Not Protecting Barbara From Being Shot. … 6 Not Willing To Become Batman Again. … 7 Letting Azrael Become Batman. … 8 Let Stephanie Brown Become Robin. … More items…•

Is Batman Joker brother?

That’s right: Batman and Joker are half-brothers, at least according to Penny. The movie never explicitly makes clear whether that’s true or not. … Though the film is populated with comic book characters, no iteration of Batman has revealed Bruce is related to his ultimate archenemy. (He’s famously an only child.)

Who is Joker’s dad?

Thomas WayneYou have been warned! In Joker, Thomas Wayne (Batman’s father) and Penny Fleck (Joker’s mother) are key characters. Penny claims that Thomas is actually Arthur’s father.

How dangerous is Batman?

Batman is a mere human, he has absolutely no “super” powers. His powers is only at par with Olympic level athletes. It is not too big a deal to defeat him in hand-to-hand combat. In-spite of this he is one of the most dangerous man on the planet.

Does Batman beat Superman?

Eventually, Batman manages to escape Superman after spitting kryptonite-laced polymer into his face. Winner: Batman, although he generously says in narration the nobody was the winner.

Why is Joker afraid of the IRS?

Reddit user Burnnoticelover suggests the reason for why Joker is so scared of being caught by the IRS is because the “insanity defense would never work for financial crimes, and he would go to state or federal prison instead of Arkham.” The gist of the theory is that Joker is comfortable with being sent to Arkham …

What is Batman’s fear?

Again, direct admission in Dark Knight Rises is Batman’s fear of death. Wayne’s fear of dying is an impulse of his spirit that’s played on philosophically by the Blind Prisoner. This fear gives his soul the strength to get on and get going with his vigilante mission. Bruce fears to die in Gotham whilst his city burns.

Why does Batman see Joker?

Secondly, Batman is affected by Scarecrow’s Fear Toxin – you’ll recall that he first “sees” Joker when he is in the chemical plant with huge amounts of fear toxin in the air. … So when the toxin hits, his fear takes the form of an extremely vivid hallucination.

Is the Joker rich?

In most of the comics and television interpretations the joker isnt really rich or has riches of his own. He is usually stealing money from banks and or people and he does have a hideout in many of the comic version throughout the years.

What was Superman afraid of?

Green kryptonite weakens Superman and other Kryptonians. It can and will kill them with long-term exposure. Kryptonians under kryptonite’s effects experience severe muscular weakness, usually to the point of collapse, and excruciating pain, with both conditions progressively intensifying.

Why did Talia kill Damian?

Disappointed in the son she created with science, Talia al Ghul used cloning technology to create a new, adult Damian clone who goes by the name Heretic. In a confrontation with Nightwing and Robin, Heretic impales Damian, killing him instantly. In turn, Talia kills Heretic for failing to eliminate Batman.

What is Batman’s real name?

Bruce WayneBruce Wayne is the only character to be identified as Batman and is featured in Batman, Detective Comics, Batman and Robin, and Batman: The Dark Knight. Dick Grayson returns to the mantle of Nightwing and appears in his own ongoing series.